22 Jun

Perfect Overseas Education Consultancy in Dwarka

Maple Inc is professionals who provide students with individual counseling to seek full school support and help them in applications, scholarships, and the entire university admission process. These consultants will study the access methods of universities and will be informed of the basic requirements necessary to gain access in the simplest way.

18 Jun

Study in Abroad – The wonderful experience of living abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most useful decisions for every student because it helps you not only to obtain a better career but also to give you the best knowledge of a new culture. The number of students seeking international education is increasing every year. Abandoning your own country provides an opportunity to understand different cultures and explore to a new land. In addition, the standards for learning abroad are extraordinary and incomparable.

12 Jun

Overseas Education Consultant | Apply for 2020 intakes

We have established a valuable relationship with some of the best world leading universities from various countries. This enables us to easily advise students and help them get admission into the best schools where they can satisfy their taste for a quality education while enjoying a higher quality of life.

11 Jun

Apply for Study Overseas Education in Dwarka

We come closer to fulfilling this mission through each student we successfully got admitted and help to start school abroad. We have worked with parents and the aspiring students to achieve this dream. You can be our next project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your study abroad inquiry.

30 May

The best and trusted Education And Visa Consultancy In Dwarka

We believe that quality education abroad should be followed by lucrative job options, this is why we advise students before matching them to a school that is right for them. We don’t only help you get admitted; we also provide help and guidance in getting visa fast and in settling in your new environment when you eventually move abroad.

29 May

A Good Education Consultant to Study Abroad – Experience International

Studying abroad is becoming a favorite opportunity among students who want to broaden their vision and gain meaningful learning. With so many options available, it will be difficult for students to understand which university and which degree will be best suited to their situation. This is where the best study Abroad Consultants plays an important role.