18 Mar

Best Study Overseas and Education Consultants in Delhi

We virtually cover everything you need to know when it comes to moving overseas for studies. Below are some of what you can expect to find on our website: Information About Choosing a School abroad, Information About Applying for Schools Abroad, Advice/guide on how to choose school and courses, Help in applying to schools abroad to increase your chances of getting admitted, Information/guide on applying for visa, Help in applying for study abroad visa, Guide on paying tuition, get accommodation,

9 Mar

Maple Inc – Study Overseas and Education Consultants

Maple Inc, we believe that quality education abroad should be followed by lucrative job options, this is why we advise students before matching them to a school that is right for them. We don’t only help you get admitted; we also provide help and guidance in getting visa fast and in settling in your new environment when you eventually move abroad.

27 Feb

Best Study Abroad Visa Consultants in Dwarka

We are different because we have already passed through the process and understood what it takes to study abroad. We don’t just gather information and give you. Instead, we advise you based on our experience and we match you to the best university in the world based on your profile and choices. Basically, it is our hope and aspirations to help you solve all the problems that are associated with studying overseas.