19 Jul

commercial modeling nyc

It’s not every day you meet someone who can say that they have set up and lucratively maintained three successful modeling agencies across the US in less than 7 years. The fashion business is, after all, portrayed as a cruel mistress, rife with rejection and disappointment. But this is definitely not the case for Kelvin Boon, who has channelled all the supposed risks associated with the modeling industry, and turned them into the burgeoning success that is Boon Models

18 Jun

Essentials for buying NewBorn Outfits

Dressing your baby girls is that you can do an experiment with different looks, designs, and patterns. Online clothing boutiques are also specialized in offering cheap toddlers clothes by age. It is always advisable to buy clothes one size bigger as kids tend to grow up fast. Besides it is better to have clothes that are a bit bigger than buy something that is too tight. If you like to buy clothes for your little girl and are not sure about the actual size.

30 May

How Do Photographers Prepare For a Wedding Shoot?

Wedding celebrations are around the corner and you have a huge responsibility to capture the fun, the emotions and the memories. Being a professional photographer, have the best camera equipment ready before the D-day. It is important to have love for the best cameras, lenses, flashes, etc when you begin photographing the weddings.

Right from basic equipment in your bag to advanced ones, keep the arsenal ready in your bag. On the day of the wedding, stay relaxed! Have your meals, wear your com