25 Feb

What all Courses are Offered by Blocklogy platform

The blocklogy app offers multiple courses divided into three broad categories – Basic, Intermediate, and Expert – to suit the skills of students at different levels in the blockchain education.

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15 Feb

Why Blockchain Eduation Should Be Allowed in School?

The scope of the use of this technology in future increases considering a few real-life examples. An invention like the Internet got spread like wildfire when people realized about its simplicity, ease in use, and the possible integration with the everything around us (internet of Things).

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Why Blockchain Eduation Should Be Allowed in School?

12 Feb

Learn blockchian programming in online using 1$

Blockchain Technology is one of the most powerful technology of 21st century which is disrupting most of the industry today. In the coming decades, blockchain will become irreplaceable and this is the right time to start learning blockchain for every student in order to stay ahead from others.

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