11 Feb

Spa Furniture and Equipment

At the Eco Wellness Sanctuary we are the leading supplier of the spa furniture and equipment to the health, beauty, and wellness industries. Our massage oils and therapy beds bring innovative products that deliver exceptional results and value in order to and maximize the success of our customers. With our great stable of spa products we will be able to create a relaxing, professional and memorable experience for your customers. To know more please call us on 018-221 7455.

22 Nov

Find the most efficient supply of spa furniture and equipment from Eco

A luxury resort may tout back-bending service, notable food and beverage, and incredible rooms but nothing impresses the guests like a decadent spa service. Spa hotel supplies come with every little perk and are often larger with better-equipped amenities. And the best of all is you can roll out of a bed and onto a massage table in no more than a minute.